4 Pilates exercises to strengthen your posture

Whether you're sitting, running, swimming, carrying or throwing, having good posture is essential to everything you do.

In fact, it is this core part of the body that will help you transmit force in all movements and strengthening your posture also helps you prevent exercise related injuries. Basically, posture strengthening is the foundation for all other forms of training. 

If this is one of your current goals, one of the most effective ways to strengthen your posture is simply to practice Pilates exercises.

Discover here 4 very simple exercises to practice daily for unparalleled results...

The benefits of Pilates for your posture

In a Pilates class, every movement requires you to engage your abdominal muscles and postural muscles. Even exercises that are designed to strengthen your thighs and legs involve working your abdominal muscles.

In addition to strengthening posture, Pilates is a wellness activity that will improve your flexibility and suppleness. You will also develop your balance and therefore drastically reduce the risk of injury. It is also an excellent recovery workout that complements other forms of high intensity exercise such as CrossFit or HIIT.

Five Pilates exercises to work on your posture

Expect every muscle in your abdomen to shake during these core exercises. Don't panic, this is a normal reaction of the body as it adapts to nervous factors of the strength you are developing.

The board

This simple bodyweight movement is a really effective exercise for your core as well as your glutes, quads and arms.

  1. Start on the ground on your hands and knees
  2. Place your hands directly under your shoulders
  3. Move your feet back
  4. For stability, spread your feet wider than hip distance. For a challenge, move them closer together
  5. Maintain a straight line from your heels to the top of your head, looking down at the floor
  6. Squeeze your glutes, pull in your belly button to tighten your abs and keep your back flat, and hold for up to one minute

Touch your toes

This exercise may seem easy, but if done correctly, you should feel your abs and obliques burning after just a few reps.

  1. Lie on your back with your legs in a table position, so that your knees are bent at 90 degrees
  2. Keeping your spine neutral and your neck long, pull your belly button into your spine and slowly begin to lower one knee so that your toe touches the ground with control
  3. Tap gently and then raise to the starting position on the table and repeat with the other foot
  4. Inhale as you descend, exhale as you pull your leg back
  5. Aim for 20 reps


This is a great exercise for the glutes, lower back and core. Remember to keep your face turned toward the mat so you don't strain or force your neck when trying to look up.

  1. Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched above your head and your legs straight and together
  2. Keep your shoulder blades back and down, and your shoulders away from your ears
  3. Lift one arm and your opposite leg off the ground, squeezing the top and slowly lowering
  4. Repeat with opposite arm and legs

Mountain Climbers

Get your blood flowing and improve your cardiovascular health while pushing your abs to the limit.

  1. Start in a high plank position, keeping your back straight and your head aligned with your spine
  2. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders, your arms fully extended and your fingers facing forward, slightly apart.
  3. From this position, bring your knees toward your chest one at a time, trying not to rock your torso or hips from side to side

Benefits of working on your posture

Strong, committed posture improves both balance and stability, while helping to prevent back pain, improve your posture and increase your overall athletic performance. Whether you want to improve your golf swing, carry your bags of groceries, or carry your baby while waiting to check out at the store, a strengthened posture is essential for daily activities and exercise.

The basic exercises train the muscles of the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony.

Ready to activate all your muscles?

Dive into the world of Pilates and discover for yourself how this style of training can increase your flexibility, improve your posture, enhance your well-being, and more.

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